GMPT – Development Jumbo

About the Project

Solution 82 recognises the importance of training and its influence on an organisation’s success and productivity. Together with GMPT, we’ve taken 132 complicated procedures and condensed these down to 42 exciting, memorable videocedures. Our mission was to transform how people receive and process training by showcasing these processes through cutting-edge video technology.

Solution 82’s team of committed consultants and creative professionals worked closely with GMPT to design and implement a series of video-based training modules that focused on:

  • Demonstrating the practical application of procedures;
  • Increasing learner engagement through immersive video content;
  • Defining and clarifying key concepts to ensure maximum knowledge retention.

Our videocedures enrich students’ understanding by showing them how each process works in practice. This pragmatic strategy gives workers the confidence to easily implement the processes in their settings.

We aimed to captivate students with our crisp narration, engaging storylines, and high-definition visuals in our videocedures. By keeping students engaged, we can increase the likelihood that they will remember what they have learned.

We believe in breaking down the barriers between people and difficult processes. At Solution 82, we’ve broken down every process into its simplest parts so that students of all skill levels can understand them with ease.

We have seen increased learner engagement and satisfaction, better knowledge retention and application, higher productivity, and more streamlined operations at GMPT thanks to our novel approach to video-based training.

Solution 82 is pleased to have worked with GMPT to develop these videocedures, which will undoubtedly improve their students’ educational experiences. We’ve used video to create interesting, easy-to-remember, and useful training by demonstrating how important procedures are actually used in the real world.

Learn how the benefits of Solution 82 can boost your training to new heights.

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