Aspire Academy – Olympic Movement

About the Project

With the help of our skilled instructional designers, Aspire’s preexisting PPTX presentations have been transformed into powerful, memorable training materials. Our custom learning solutions are designed to really connect with your audience while still meeting the high standards of professionalism and ease of use set by Aspire.

Using pre-existing PPTX presentations, our team of committed consultants worked with Aspire Academy to create a series of interactive training modules. The revised training materials are geared towards three primary goals:

  1. Dynamic content that actively involves the audience
  2. Maintaining the high level of professionalism expected of Aspire
  3. Third, keeping things straightforward so that everyone can grasp them

Static PPTX presentations were turned into highly engaging learning experiences by adding in-depth storytelling, striking visuals, and applicable examples. Our method keeps students interested and helps them remember the material.

The high level of professionalism at Aspire Academy is well-known. We’ve taken great care to ensure that the training materials accurately reflect Aspire’s brand identity and core values in terms of visual style, terminology, and overall tone.

When it comes to education, we are firm believers that less is more. Our team has simplified difficult ideas so students of all backgrounds can understand them.

We’ve used our skills to create engaging and informative training modules that are consistent with Aspire’s core principles and aesthetics. Because of this, Aspire Academy has witnessed:

  • Greater student involvement and contentment
  • Greater knowledge retention

This training module was created using a combination of Articulate Storyline, Genny, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effects.

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