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Providing Proactive Global Business Solutions

At Solution 82, we pride ourselves on being problem-solvers, action-takers, and idea-makers.

Solution 82 is a leading consultancy firm specialising in Global Business Services (GBS). We offer tailored solutions designed to drive operational efficiency, enhance strategic capabilities, and foster sustainable growth in global organisations.

Unlocking Potential, Fueling Growth

Welcome to Solution 82, a consultancy specialising in Global Business Services (GBS). We stand out in the consulting industry, enabling businesses to achieve operational excellence on a global scale. Our elite team of experts uses their unique experience and insights to deliver strategic solutions that provide our clients with a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing business environment.

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we recognise each business’s individual needs and intricacies. We form close partnerships with our clients to understand their unique requirements and ambitions, allowing us to customise our services for maximum effectiveness and growth.

Human Resourses

Our HR Services aim to effectively manage all aspects of your human resource needs. We specialise in Recruitment, meticulously scouting and selecting candidates from start to finish, covering job postings, resume screening, interviewing, reference checking, and background verification.

We also prioritise Employee Relations by fostering a positive work environment to retain motivated staff, offering counsel on industrial relations, facilitating dispute resolutions, and boosting engagement. Through Performance Management, we establish systems aligned with your business objectives, ensuring consistent support and guidance.

In the often complex area of Compliance, we navigate changing HR laws and regulations, aligning your HR procedures with local, state, and federal norms. If your vision extends beyond borders, our International HR services offer assistance in tackling global HR complexities, providing services such as cross-cultural training, global mobility guidance, and expat support.

In essence, our HR Services are designed to navigate the challenging aspects of HR management while you focus on growing your business.

Solution 82 delivers comprehensive health, safety, and risk management solutions tailored to your unique requirements. We conduct detailed Safety and Risk Assessments, identifying potential hazards and proposing robust safety measures for a secure workplace. Our Legislative Compliance services navigate the complex terrain of health and safety laws, ensuring your operations adhere to all regulations.

We prioritise Mental Health and Psychological Safety with services including risk assessments, counselling, and training. Our Risk Management services identify and tackle threats, while Health Monitoring and Improvement initiatives enhance employee wellness. We assist in formulating Management Plans, Policies, and Procedures aligning with your objectives and safety rules.

Additionally, we offer customised Training programs to keep your workforce informed about health and safety.
Trust Solution 82 to guide you towards your health, safety, and risk management goals.
Workers Compensation
We offer global, comprehensive services for injured workers and businesses (PCBU). We assist in medical processes and reviews, easing the workers’ compensation system journey.
We extend our support to families, helping them navigate this complex process. Our legal team can manage compensation claims, safeguarding your interests. Assistance with insurance claims ensures you receive what’s due.

We implement safety through audits and investigations, pinpointing and mitigating risks. We create light-duty manuals, aiding injured employees in their safe, efficient return to work. Workplace assessments facilitate hazard identification and risk management, promoting a safer environment.

Exercise physiologist assessments further support injured workers’ recovery and resilient return to work.

We employ ISO standards and legal privileges in auditing for local, state, and federal law compliance, providing customised solutions. Our Health and Safety Audits identify hazards and ensure adherence to all statutory safety requirements. Our Human Resources Audits ensure compliance with labour laws, with expertise in identifying and remedying potential issues.

We also offer detailed Workers’ Compensation Audits, ensuring full compliance with relevant laws and risk mitigation. Furthermore, we expertly conduct Incident and Accident Investigations using ICAM and TapRoot methodologies, providing insights into causes and recommendations for prevention.

At Solution 82, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier investigation and auditing services tailored to your unique needs.

At Solution 82, we provide robust medical services tailored to your specific needs. We offer around-the-clock Doctor-to-Doctor Consultations, ensuring that your workers receive the best possible care when ill or injured.
Our resident doctor assists healthcare professionals dealing with workplace injuries or illnesses, ensuring optimal medical attention.

Furthermore, we establish comprehensive Medical Emergency Response Procedures for both the workers and PCBU, ensuring immediate, correct treatment in emergencies, all compliant with relevant laws.
We also work with you to create customised emergency response plans. With direct experience in local to international high-risk operations, our doctor brings industry-specific expertise to offer specialised consultation services.

We understand the unique challenges and risks associated with high-risk, heavy industries enabling us to provide bespoke medical solutions.
Choose Solution 82 for specialised, round-the-clock medical care tailored to your industry.
Solution 82 provides a comprehensive range of training services to meet your unique needs. We specialise in bespoke training and eLearning design, creating interactive, multimedia-rich content that leaves a lasting impact.
Our instructional design focuses on clear, engaging, and effective courses that align with your organisational goals.

We cater to diverse training delivery methods, from instructor-led to self-paced eLearning, ensuring maximum learner engagement. We guide you through the process of selecting and implementing the right Learning Management System (LMS) for a seamless transition and superior user experience.

Our compliance training simplifies complex regulations and policies, helping your organisation stay in line with local, state, and federal laws.
For organisations with a global reach, we offer international training and eLearning services, including cross-cultural training and customised solutions for overseas employees.
Trust Solution 82 to propel your learning and development objectives forward.

Who Trusts US

Our partners

We are dedicated to providing our clients with custom eLearning development that meet their specific needs.

Working closely with your team, our experts ensure that our strategies align with your values and drive growth. Our team stands ready to assist 24/7, fostering resilience for your company. Let’s journey together, facing challenges, celebrating wins, and building a future with health and safety at its core. Consider partnering with Solution 82 to redefine your workplace’s well-being landscape. We appreciate your consideration and look forward to serving you.


Here’s what our clients have to say about us…

S82 did a great job – very responsive and helpful, and delivered my project on time and on budget with no dramas. I wanted someone in Australia who I could be confident would be available and responsive and I’m really happy with the outcome.

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DLA PiperLegal Firm

Great work! Fast, efficient and great communication. Work was spot on the first time!

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Strawberry SolutionEducation Provider

S82 is an expert developer in Articulate and has a great eye for what learners will find engaging. They also are easy to work with and have great suggestions to make eLearning modules even better.

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Association of Academic PhysiatristsMedical Research

I have worked with S82 for over 2 years and have found him to be extremely professional in all aspects of his role. Their eye for detail is incredible, they are great communicators,  amazing strategists and critical thinkers.

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WellstrategicCreative AgencyVirtual Tours Perth

S82’s quick and prompt turnaround of our policies allowed us to maintain our pace and against tight deadlines.

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Done Right HobbiesOnline Hobby Store

It all begins here at Solution 82

Our mission? To revolutionise operational efficiency, unlock organisational strategic potential, and foster sustainable growth. Driven by our vision, we continuously adapt to the market’s evolving needs.

At Solution 82, we strive to stay ahead of the industry trends and pride ourselves on delivering innovative strategies that meet current demands and pave the way for future success.

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