National First Aid Competencies


About the Project

NFTI was in the process of establishing a new Learning Management System (LMS) and required current material to be rebuilt. The previous content was a recorded PPTX presentation; NFTI took the opportunity to reinvigorate the training material, which required audio scripting and storyboarding before developing a SCORM file compatible with their new LMS. 

The project’s major goal was to make use of existing PPTX videos and create a fresh, exciting, and contemporary appearance and feel for them, all with the intention of captivating learners while also preserving the credibility of the instructional content. After completing the theoretical portion of the course, the secondary goal was to also have the SCORM file send a separate PDF certificate to the learner, which captures all responses to questions.  

Learners at NFTI are presented with training modules that are contemporary, minimalistic, and narrated, and have branching assessment questions. Before the learning module directs the student back to the appropriate chapter, they are given three chances to respond appropriately to a question related to the topic at hand. 

Articulate Storyline and several Adobe Cloud programs, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and Audition, were utilised to develop the national First Aid competencies (HLTAID012, HLTAID011, and HLTAID003). 

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